Girl's SUBLIMATION RUFFLE Short Sleeve Shirt

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These shirts are made for sublimation! 

They are 100% Polyester, but feel like cotton! 

They are 6oz+

Video on how to sublimate on AJBlanks


*If sublimating for the first time, please ensure that you have properly researched sublimation basics and are using the appropriate printer, ink, and transfer paper.*

- Set heat press to 400°F and set time to 60 seconds 
(Note: Some specialty papers/inks may recommend different settings. Refer to your manufacturer instructions.)

- Place a sheet of butcher paper or unwaxed parchment paper inside the shirt to prevent sublimation ink from reaching the back of the shirt.

- THOROUGHLY lint roll the entire surface area of the shirt that will be exposed to heat.

- Place mirrored sublimation transfer face down onto the shirt and secure with heat resistant tape.

- Place another sheet of butcher paper or unwaxed parchment paper over the shirt and transfer to protect the heat press.

- Press shirt and peel hot ( this is for A-sub 120gsm sublimation paper, other transfers paper may be cool peel) 


Q: How can I prevent "ghosting" or unwanted shadows?

A: Make sure your transfer is secured well with heat resistant tape to avoid movement while the shirt is still hot.
Also, you may need to use a pressing pillow to ensure an even distribution of pressure.
Q: Why am I getting blue specs on my pressed shirt?

A: Blue specs are a result of lint left on the shirt. Be sure to use a lint roller with enough tack or a fresh sheet. Do not skip this step even if lint is not visible to you. It's there! 
Q: Why are there press lines on the shirt in the shape of my transfer?

A: You may have applied too much pressure. Adjust your heat press pressure knob accordingly.
(TIP: Tearing off the outer edge of your sublimation transfer may help to feather out the edge making press lines less noticeable.)

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